How do I change my payment schedule?
We default to a net-75 payment schedule. To change this, navigate to your Organization settings and update the "Payment Term" field. The available range of time is net-30 to net-75. There will be a 5% fee attached to payments earlier than net-75.

What payout methods are currently offered?
We currently offer payouts through bank transfers to over 220 countries and PayPal.

How do I update my payment information?
To update your payment information, navigate to the dashboard and click the "Payments" tab under Organization. Then you can click "edit" on your payout method and make your updates.

The payments page is also where you can update your tax form. Simply click "Complete a new tax form" at the bottom of the page to do so.

Fee Splitting
Listed below are the Fees associated with different routing types and receiving countries/regionsĀ 

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